Keran: Remote Health Center Lacks Staff, Equipment: Pregnant Women Forced to Seek Care Elsewhere

Line Of Control: Primary Health Center in Keran Struggles to Serve 9000 Population: Lack of Staff and Equipment Primary Health Center in Keran, situated 70 km from District Headquarters Kupwara and serving a population of 9000, records a daily OPD of only 40-50 patients. Due to heavy snowfall in winters, the area remains cut off for about 4 months from the rest of the state, leaving people to suffer as the PHC lacks sufficient staff. While the center is equipped with basic equipment, there is no regular technician posted, resulting in the X-ray, ECG, dental, and laboratory sections being out of use due to a lack of expert staff. Additionally, the labor room is without a gynecologist, forcing pregnant women to visit other hospitals while facing many challenges.

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