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In 2014, amidst the devastating floods in Kashmir, a group of ten young, dedicated activists from across the valley were brought together by Video Volunteers, a Goa-based NGO. These individuals were trained in video-making and dispersed, cameras-in-hand, to capture the stories that were going unheard. Since then, the KashmirUnheard has been busy producing reports on issues ranging from flood relief, education, health infrastructure, human rights, conflict, gender issues and inspiring social change initiatives across Jammu and Kashmir.
KashmirUnheard’s goal is simple: to showcase Kashmir from the perspective of its people. They seek out the stories of the remote villages and document the realities that people live everyday that often go unnoticed by mainstream media. The KashmirUnheard team then convenes community gatherings to discuss the stories and ensure that they have the community’s support and that the message they want to send is understood.
Every video produced ends with a call to action for viewers to support the efforts of those featured in the story. It can be as simple as making a phone call or sending an email to an official, and the impact of these small actions can be astounding. The KashmirUnheard project has seen the results firsthand and has shared the impact stories on their site.

Watch and listen, share, and take action.

KashmirUnheard project invites viewers to join their movement as a Community Correspondent if they have a passion for change and a love of media. Over the period of eight years, 30 Community Correspondents have been trained across 18 districts of Jammu and Kashmir, more than 1500 video reports produced and dozens of hyperlocal issues resolved. KU has fostered several partnerships with NGO’s, human rights groups, and other civil society organisations to document the daily life of Kashmir and Kashmiris.
Together, let’s make sure that the stories of Kashmir are not left unheard, as every voice matters.
reach us at kashmirunheard@videovolunteers.org

Kashmir Unheard is a project sponsored by Video Volunteers