KashmirUnheard: Watch | Act | Change.

The “KashmirUnheard” project started with a bang during the Kashmir floods of 2014.

That September, 10 young Kashmiri men and women, from seven districts across the valley, all dedicated social activists, were brought together in Srinigar by the Goa-based NGO Video Volunteers to learn video-making. On the last days, the skies opened and our group of newly-minted story-tellers dispersed, cameras-in-hand, amazed that only one day after completing our training we were right in the heart of the biggest story of the year.

Since then, we’ve been busy producing reports on issues ranging from flood relief, to the elections of December 2014, to human rights, to inspiring social change initiatives – all motivated by the desire to show the world our Kashmir: Kashmir from the point of view of the thousands of young people, like us (and like you, we believe), who are hungry to make a difference in Kashmir. Our Community Correspondents are now spread across 16 districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Our process is simple: First, we look out for the ‘unheard’ stories of our communities; these are often the stories of the remote villages that don’t appear in the news, and of the women who so often in our culture are silenced. Next, we convene community gatherings to discuss our stories and make sure we have the community’s support and we’ve understood the message they want to send the world. Then, we identify a ‘call to action:’ something that you, our viewers, can do to support their efforts. Finally, we publish our videos and share them with the world.

So watch and listen. Share. And most importantly – take action! Almost every video ends with a ‘call to action.’

Please take the action – call an official. You’d be amazed at how often that simple five minute act can result in change. We do it ourselves with each of our videos, and we also visit the officials. But if you don’t believe a phone call or email from you can change something, watch the ‘impact stories’ on this site.

And be in touch! Tell us what you think of our videos, and point us to the stories that you feel need to be told. Better yet, join our movement as a Community Correspondent, if you have a passion for change and a love of the media.

reach us at kashmirunheard@videovolunteers.org

Kashmir Unheard is a project sponsored by Video Volunteers