KashmirUnheard: Watch | Act | Change

Individual storytellers belonging to diverse communities trained in documentary making using smartphones and other very basic equipment create short stories on lived realities.
KashmirUnheard’s goal is to showcase Jammu & Kashmir from the perspective of its people. Freelance content creators seek out the stories of remote villages that tell the realities people live everyday that often go unnoticed by those interested in the region and its people.
Very often a story inspires action from communities and local authorities to create positive change. These success stories are also featured here.

Watch and listen, share, and support positive change.

Over the period of eight years, about 30 community content creators from across 18 districts of Jammu and Kashmir, have made over 1500 videos and dozens of hyperlocal issues have been resolved. Write to us if you are interested in producing unheard stories within your communities.