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Volunteers Destroy Narcotic Crops in Serene Dara Village of Srinagar

Written by Shafat

Centre for Social Change, a voluntary group of youths, from Dara Nishat Srinagar on Sunday destroyed large quantity of Marijuana or Cannabis crops in the vicinity of Dara. The initiative was launched by several social service organisations which included, Jamaat e Islami, J & K Right to Information Movement.

The youths and volunteers from Dara and adjacent villages converged in large numbers in the area since early morning, with spades, axes, sticks and destroyed huge quantity of Marijuana crops.

“We took this initiative after police failed to act against the menace of drug abuse in our area,” says a volunteer Fayaz Ahmed

According to locals of Dara village, the area being closeby to the Srinagar city has become a fertile place for the youths indulging in consumption of narcotic drugs and alcoholic substances. The marijuana or locally called as Charas grows on it’s own in many areas of Kashmir and is considered best in the quality.

Dara is a village situated on the hills adjacent to famous Zabarwan mountain range in Srinagar. The uphills of the Dara village possess very thin population which has since last years proved a safe haven for drug addicts in retrieiving and consumption of narcotic substances like these.

“Every year the crop pops up on both sides of roads leading to the uphills of Dara, it has become a nuisance as youths from other areas find this place safe for such illicit activities,” says Farooq Ahmed Kuthoo, a local resident.

Farooq Ahmed further mentioned that, “To counter this meance we have deployed groups of local youths for watch and ward throughout the day and in future if anybody is found indulging in such activities, they will be handed over to police instatntly.”

Local youth setting on fire the green Marijuana crop in Dara village. Photo: Dr Fayaz Lone (Volunteer)

Local youth setting on fire the green Marijuana crop in Dara village. Photo: Dr Fayaz Lone (Volunteer)

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