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Flood hit people in Kulgam village left unaided by Authorities

Written by Sajad Rasool

Aadi Gutno village of Kulgam District was washed away by September 2014 Kashmir floods, the lack of a concrete protection bund on the river Vaishoo till date has kept this village vulnerable.

A village comprising of about 600 households lives amid the danger of floods all the time. At the time of floods crops, agricultural land and houses were destroyed after River Vaisho breached into the village putting whole population into the danger.

According to locals, a concrete wall across the river can avoid any future disaster.
Irrigation and Flood control Department seems to be in slumber.

After the September, 2014 floods of Kashmir, huge packages were announced to the J&K State by Govt of India, but it seems J&K Government has failed to utilize the funds properly.

As per Our  Kulgam district CC, Sajad Shah, the construction of the bund has been started by authorities recently

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