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A young boy who invented Fuel Less Generator lacks support

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Azharuddin Pir | Article By: Nusrat Ali


A 15 year old boy, Abrar Ajaz Wani from Sogam Kupwara is a budding inventor. Till now he has made two inventions. He has developed a keyboard for blind people. And is also inventor of Auto-electricity generator. The generator that he has developed runs without fuel.  “It needs given amount of energy as input that converts from one form to another and then it converts back to same form. During this process energy increases up to 4 times.” explains Abrar Ajaz.

He had the plan to  develop the fuel less generator at large level that can generate electricity for whole house. For that he might need a good amount of money. But due to financial problem he was forced to make a small model. ” He can brings laurels to his country, if government would provide him financial assistance to shape his ideas.” adds Abrar’s mother.


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