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Kalai: A Historical Kashmiri Monument Carves For Attention

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Nadiya Shafi | Article By: Nusrat Ali

Located on the outer boundaries of “Sheher-e-Khaas”, the old city of Srinagar, the “Hariparbat Fort” and Kalai are two important marks of Kashmir’s rich heritage. Kalai is the outer boundary wall of the fort and has several entry points that lead to the Hariparbat Fort which is situated over the Sharika hill , that used to be called Predeema Peeth in ancient times and commonly known as “Kohi Maraan”. The Kohi Maraan hill is considered sacred for both Hindus as well as Muslims due to the presence Sharika temple which is believed to be a form of goddess Durga or Shakti and in the lap of this hill does lay the shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoomi (RA), a revered Sufi saint of Kashmir. The Hariparbat fort has the history dating back to 18th century but the Kalai, the historical wall surrounding it was constructed much earlier – in 16th century .

The Kalai lies in shambles, it has been occupied by local encroachers and the wall could be seen having been fallen down. The Government is not taking serious steps to protect this Monument.

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