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School in Kaniyari Bandipora Remains Inundated for 8 months a Year-Authorities Turns Mute Spectators

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Aneesa Hamid | Article By: Nusrat Ali

Kaniyari village of Bandipora remains submerged in water – every aspect of life remains paralyzed , a village of around 1200 souls lacks basic amenities. Students use boats to cross over to school, putting self to danger. Govt has not paid any attention yet to resolve the issue of this village. The school has a roll of 150 students, teachers and students would often find it difficult to reach school in time. The playground and courtyard of school is full of water. According to the locals the part of village which includes middle school as well remain under water for 8 months every year. The water crosses into the village from Wular lake. School remains dysfunctional during rains. A concrete wall along Wular lake shall be constructed to stop water crossing into the village


Irshad Ahmad, a student of Government boys school Kaniyari says, ” We cannot do any activity in school nor can we play there. Our school is inundated most of the times a year . We belong to poor families and our parents spent hard money on our education in order to make our future bright. But we go to school for half a year only.”

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