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2014 Kashmir Floods: Of Broken Promises and Unpaid Compensation

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Rayees Ahmad | Article By: Nusrat Ali

In September 2014, floods struck Kashmir valley which resulted in heavy damages to property and business. 80,000 people were badly suffered who lost their homes and business. Floods caused an immediate loss of Rs. 5,400-5,700 crore to the state’s economy. There are 80 shopkeepers in Malangpora Pulwama, whose business also suffered losses during floods but, only 17 shopkeepers were compensated with 30000 INR by the Govt and remaining 63 shopkeepers were yet to receive any financial assistance. The shopkeepers went from pillar to post, but of no use. Three years had passed but shopkeepers remain unpaid. As per shopkeepers, they were told that there are no funds to pay.

After intervention of our community correspondent, Tehsildar of the area assured to provide compensation to rest of the shopkeepers as soon as funds are released and an amount of 25000 INR as compensation has been provided to per owner.

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