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One Woman Against The State: Masooda Parveen’s 20 Years Struggle

Masooda Parveen, a resident of Pampora area in Kashmir, has been waging a legal battle for the past two decades in the Supreme Court of India. Her husband, Adv Ghulam Mohiudin Rigoo, a member of the High Court Bar Association, was allegedly taken from his home by an Army Major accompanied by two government gunmen on February 1, 1998. His mutilated body was later handed over to the family by local police on February 3, 1998.

In response to the case, the Army filed a reply to the Supreme Court of India, alleging that Rigoo was a “Pakistani militant” and had attacked the army. The Army further claimed that Rigoo had agreed to help them locate various militant hideouts, but had then opened fire on a party, resulting in his subsequent killing.

Despite the Army’s reply, Masooda has continued to seek justice for her husband’s death, speaking about her case at international platforms and institutions. However, her case was ultimately dismissed by the Supreme Court, leading her to question whether her Muslim and Kashmiri identity played a role in the decision.

“In Kashmir, innocent people are often killed and then labeled as militants, and when their families seek justice, they too are targeted,” says Masooda. Despite these challenges, she remains determined to seek justice for her husband and other victims of violence in Kashmir.

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