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“Under The Name of Rehabilitation Policy, We Are Only Being Harassed” Wife of Ex-Militant

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Rayees Ahmad | Article By: Nusrat Ali

Nisar Ahmad Khan, crossed over to Pakistan Administered Kashmir for arms training in 1992. Nisar lived in Karachi and Muzaffarabad till 2012. He did not join militancy instead used to work in a ready-made shop as a tailor. Nisar later married a lady from Karachi in 1997, her name is Asiya Hassan. As per the J&K Government, Nisar was labelled a militant, however Nisar denies these allegations and says he never took up arms and never fought against state.

In 2009, the J&K Govt introduced Militant rehabilitation policy for the people who had crossed over to Azad Kashmir. Under this policy, the people who intend to return to Kashmir will be rehabilitated and settled by the Government. Nisar, under this policy, came back with his family which includes his wife and three children. On his arrival, Nisar was arrested for two months by the police. After his release, Nisar never got any support from the Government instead he was harassed.

Nisar lives in a rented accommodation as his father has disowned him (expelled from legal rights over his property). He also was supposed to be given a job under the policy according to his skills and education, he never received it. After fighting hard, he was granted 5 marlas of land in Newa village of Pulwama however the land is still to be handed over to Nisar. As per Nisar, the land allocated to him by the Govt is in occupation of a retired DSP of Police (the land allotted is state land). His wife, Asiya is not granted Passport by the authorities, and the whole family is treated as non state subject by the state.

“We were inivited, now they blame we came illegally”, says Asiya Hassan, wife of Nisar Ahmad.

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