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Health And Environment Both at Stake: Municipal Committee Dumps Waste on Bank of ‘Ferozpur Nallah’

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Rafiqa Bano  | Article By: Nusrat Ali

The Municipal Committee Magam is dumping solid waste on the banks of a major stream in the town. The Ferozpur Nallah, which provides water to scores of villages, is facing serious threat from the waste dumped on its banks. Residents said that the authorities instead of identifying a landfill site outside the town dump all the waste on the banks of Ferozpur Nallah. Sheeraz Bhat, a local resident said, the waste dumped on the banks gets mixed with the water which is being used for washing, bathing and even drinking purpose by more than a dozen villages.

On 16th August 2018 a team of doctors from Block Medical Office Magam visited the site and found that garbage dumped at bank of Ferozpur stream has also been spilled into the stream. The doctors were of the opinion if water gets polluted it can be a source of waterbrone infection down the stream.

The Ferozpur Nallah originates from Tangmarag and passes through dozens of villages before joining the River Jehlum. The villages which use water from the stream for daily use including drinking are Baba Pura, Malabuchun Malmoo, Tomgiharan, Tantray Pora, Hagar Pora , Habak, Gund Khawaja Kasim and many more villages.

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