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American Cavers Unfold the Mystery Behind Kalaroos Caves

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Pir Azhar

Article By: Nusrat Ali

According to the local myth in Kashmir, the village Kalaroos in Kupwara got its name from the caves located in this village. The huge rocks are called ‘SatBaran’ or seven doorways. For centuries it has remained a mystery either these caves are really a secret way to Russia or not.
Recently Cavers from North Star Adventure Consulting lead an exploration at Kalaroos. These cavers got deep into the tunnels of this cave but found nothing as the main tunnel is blocked by a rock after Indian army conducted some blasts during their hunt for militants during 90’s period.

According to Eric Fies, one of the caver, this place might not be of archaeological importance but definitely has a good geological importance as it has copper and ore reserves inside. He further states that there is no way which would lead to a definite place like Russia and is a just several meters long. However, he maintains that if the government or Indian military would allow them, they will do limited excavation in the main cave entrance and see if they find a small passage to get inside and explore thoroughly. The team has also prepared a detailed report of their expedition on Kalaroos caves.

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