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‘Measles- Rubella Vaccination is Safe’ – Health Authorities

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Basharat Amin

Article By: Nusrat Ali

Rubella, which is commonly referred to as German measles, is a mild infection, but can have serious consequences if it occurs in pregnant women. The measles-rubella campaign marks the introduction of the rubella vaccine in India’s children immunization programme for the first time. The campaign was launched on 24 September in Jammu and Kashmir state to cover nearly 38 lakh children in the age group of nine months to 15 years to eliminate the congenital rubella syndrome, caused by the rubella virus.

But some videos surfaced on social networking sites opposing vaccination, saying it is a conspiracy to sterilize Muslim children. These videos against vaccination have deterred many parents, who asked the schools to exempt their children from it.

Over 27.85 lakh children were given this vaccine during ongoing vaccination campaign across Jammu and Kashmir.

The government says the vaccine is being used for past 15-years in private sector as part of the Government of India’s commitment to eliminate Measles and control Rubella by 2020.

Our CC visited Block Medical Office Shopian and met the Officer to know the importance of measles-rubella vaccine.  The doctor talks about it safety as well as importance. Watch here:


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