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Manjot Singh Kohli: Fighting for Citizenship in J&K

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Basharat Amin
Article By: Nusrat Ali

As we know in Jammu & Kashmir a person can acquire permanent residence regardless of his/her birthplace if his/her father is a permanent resident of Jammu & Kashmir. If the father is permanent resident of Jammu & Kashmir, then it is virtually impossible for an individual to acquire permanent residence in the state. Manjot Singh Kohli is facing the same issue.

Manjot Singh Kohli, 23, is a social and human rights activist. She is the same girl who recently has been in news after she made her decision public to donate one of her kidneys to her 22-year-old friend Samreen Akhtar of Rajouri district.

Manjot was born in a Sikh family in Udhampur in 1995, where she lives with her brother and father. Her parents met with an accident in 2014, resulting in the death of her mother while his father survived with serious injuries and underwent a major operation later.

Her mother a state-subject (valid till her marriage) had married her father.

Things to be considered are that grandmother bought some property in Udhampur and passed it on to Manjot’s mother since according to the amendments made at that time, she had the authority to do that.


Now, Manjot’s mother has passed away. Manjot become crippled child of her mother who can live in her property but have no right on it. Even after being born here she can’t enjoy the privileges like education, job, scholarships etc. She is one among many such kind of people who are helpless non-state subjects even after having been born in the state. Manjot is fighting for her rights and she is determined to fight until she gets success.

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