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Specially-Abled Student: Denied the Right to Education

Written by KashmirUnheard

A govt primary school established at Shadimarg Pulwama, in 1974 with 5 room building is defunct from last 5 years. The number of students at the school got less with the course of time prompting authorities to shut it down. when the school was closed the roll of the school was 10 students and was relocated to another school about 2 kms from the earlier one.

A boy, Amir, who is specially abled was studying in that school but when the school was relocated to another place, he could not attend the school due to the distance and his family’s financial condition.

It is pertinent to mention that school is now running in a rented building with the ground floor being occupied by automobile workshops.

The specially abled boy is an orphan and his mother has gone from pillar to post to ensure his son gets an education but in all her attempts she failed miserably.

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