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Trade and Agriculture Cripples as Ban on Highway Enters 2nd Month

Written by KashmirUnheard

Video By: Rayees Ahmad | Article By: Nusrat Ali

Due to highway ban introduced by State on Sunday and Wednesday of every week, effective from 3rd April, fruit growers have to suffer as their fruit produce can’t be transported on time. Banning of traffic for two days on Srinagar-Jammu from Uri to Udhampur (301.5 kilometers), the only road connecting Kashmir to the rest of the world, is set to lead to massive socio-economic problems, say economists from the valley.

According to an estimation, around ₹300 crore worth of fruit is in cold storages in south Kashmir. The Apple stock stored in cold storages requires urgent transportation to various destination in the country. But due to the restriction of traffic movement on National highway, the transportation takes time and thus rotten fruits reach to the destination.

The apple crop is badly hit by the ban. Besides, it will also delay the chemical treatment of orchards. The ban is unjustified and is making small-time farmers suffer.

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