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Young Kashmiri on a Mission to Save Lives By Donating Blood

Written by KashmirUnheard

Blood donation is becoming a trend among youth of Kashmir thanks to people like Imran Amin Ellahie and Yasir Rasool. Imran Ellahie has been awarded by Red Cross because of his high frequency of donation and Yasir Rasool has started a venture online as well as offline for the donation of blood. is an initiative taken by some Kashmiri youth of Srinagar city to help generate awareness regarding blood donation. This initiative was taken by Mr.Yasir Rasool, it’s head, to provide blood to those persons who are in need and don’t have the proper means to get that blood.

In Kashmir, apart from diseases and surgeries, conflict adds to the agony of the persons who need blood, so this initiative was taken by these persons to generate awareness and provide blood to those who need. In this process, a person has to register himself on the website ( and then he gets notified via an electronic message, whenever anybody needs the blood of the same group.

Our cc also talked with a universal donor Mr. Imran Illahie from Pulwama, about the need for blood donation and its need. The ‘Ehsas’ is also helping people in need and donors connect easily by registering on its website. Their aim is to bridge the gap between a volunteer blood donor and the needy person.

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