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Touyiba Binti Javaid: Kashmir’s Youngest Novelist

Written by Sajad Rasool

Inspired by writers like J. K. Rowling and Charles Dickens, Touyiba Binti Javaid came up with her first novel ‘Luna Spark & The Future Telling Clock’. This book is all about cats where the author herself is a cat named ‘Luna Spark’ aka Coco which lives in a city named ‘Sparky Kittens’. Touyiba was born and brought up in Tral area of #Pulwama district. She is a Class 7th student. Born and brought up in a very violence-hit area of #Kashmir Touyiba has created her own fantasy world of her own. The story of this book revolves around a clock that is supposed to tell the future and characters are on a hunt to find it.

About the author

Sajad Rasool

Sajad Rasool manages Kashmir Unheard. He works as a Producer and Editor

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