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COVID Warriors: Meet Sajad Khan Who Buries COVID Victims in Srinagar

Sajad Ahmad Khan, a local resident of Srinagar Kashmir is one of the brave heroes who courageously created a team of 20 people taking responsibility for burying dozens of people dying due to coronavirus infections in Srinagar.

This pandemic had created a scare in the population and families would be under quarantine once a family member passes away, and there would be no one to take care of the dead bodies, we created a Facebook page ‘Athwaas’ and reached out to the general public to provide them help with burials, says Sajad.

The cases of coronavirus infections have been increasing in the valley fo Kashmir. According to the data released by the local government, more than 72000 people are infected, while 1132 deaths have taken place as of 28 September 2020.

We as people need to take steps to help each other in these difficult times, this is our responsibility to help each other and be with each other.

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