‘Children must not face the problems that I faced for my education’ Mohammad Javed, Rohingya Camp

From 2001 onwards the Rohingya community of Myanmar migrated to other countries of which 8000 are in Jammu, after facing persecution at the hands of the state military. As per estimates, there are around 5000 children below the age of 15 years. The children residing in this camp located at Jammu are seeking admission in government schools but due to the non-availability of Aadhar and permanent resident certificate, they are barred from getting admission. Among these young children is Mohammad Javed, who himself studied up to the 9th class and is now teaching the local migrant kids in a room. Javed is titled ‘Champion Child of Jammu 2020’ by Save the Children Organization. Javed is an orphan with her mother who is very passionate about continuing his higher studies but unable to get admission.

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