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Due to Lack of Adhaar Cards, 3700 Kids of Rohingya Refugees in Jammu are denied School Admission

The exodus of the Rohingya minority Muslim community from Myanmar began in the year 2000, after many attacks. Eventually people migrated to Bangladesh and India. There is an estimated number of 7500 living Rohingyas living in Jammu of which 3700 are children. The education of these children has been affected badly. Though they had been admitted to government schools in earlier years now the government is not allowing them to be admitted to schools because they don’t have Aadhar or permanent resident certificates, according to the locals.

According to Human Rights Watch, an international watchdog refugee children all over the world face these challenges, which are only compounded as they grow older. Only an estimated 24 percent of refugee children attend secondary school worldwide. These children either grow without education are imparted education through their Community Madrasas where Arabic and Urdu subjects are being taught. The children who have passed the eighth standard request the government to allow them to study in government-run schools so that they can serve their community. There are challenges worldwide as for as the education of refugee children is concerned. UNHCR in its report said, At primary level, 63 percent of refugee children are enrolled in school compared to the global level of 91 percent. At the secondary level, 24 percent of refugees are in schools, compared to 84 percent of secondary-age children worldwide. At the higher level, the figures are 3 percent for refugees and 37 for non-refugees.

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