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Panzath in Kashmir – A Source of 500 Springs Dying due to Pollution and Government Apathy

The largest freshwater spring in southern Kashmir’s Anantnag is the source of 500 springs is fast losing its grandeur to extensive pollution and official apathy. Located a kilometer from the Srinagar-Jammu highway, the area leading to the village Panzath is surrounded by lush green trees. Panzath is derived from the Kashmiri word “Paanch Hath” which means 500. This spring provides water to nearly 35 villages through the supply of PHE. this spring is also famous for Rainbow trout hatcheries. Pandit Kalhana, the author of Rajatarangi has mentioned Panzath in his chronicle as a favourite picnic spot of kings. for the last many years, spring has witnessed a sharp rise in pollution. The water level has considerably decreased.

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