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Former Government Teacher Arrested Under PSA, Family Demands Immediate Release on Humanitarian Grounds

The arrest and subsequent booking under the Public Safety Act (PSA) of Idrees Jan Mir of Dardpora, Kupwara on 11th November 2022 has raised concerns about the state of civil liberties in the region.

In May 2021, Idrees Jan, a former government teacher, was dismissed from his job by the local authorities due to allegations of involvement in “anti-national activities.” Following his dismissal, Idrees started a computer institute in the area to continue serving his community.

Idrees is now being accused of sharing anti-national content with his students at the institute, which could potentially lead to them engaging in activities deemed to be against the nation’s interests.

This recent turn of events has sparked debates about the freedom of expression and association in the region, as well as the fairness of the PSA, which allows for preventive detention without trial for up to two years.

Speaking to Kashmir Unheard, the family of Idrees demands his immediate release on humanitarian grounds.

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