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IMPACT| Swift Action by Authorities Revives Endangered Spring in Khag, Budgam District

In the Khag area of Budgam district, a crucial spring that provided drinking water was on the verge of extinction due to waste accumulation from the nearby village. Faced with this environmental threat, the villagers had no choice but to stop using the polluted water. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, a diligent reporter brought the issue to the attention of the authorities. In response to the reporter’s highlighting of the problem, the authorities swiftly took action to clean up the waste, effectively restoring the spring to its original condition. This prompt and decisive action earned praise and gratitude from the relieved community. The intervention of the authorities brought relief to the locals, who were immensely appreciative of the efforts made by the Kashmir Unheard Community Correspondent in bringing this matter to the authorities’ notice.

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Sajad Rasool manages Kashmir Unheard. He works as a Producer and Editor

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