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Kashmir’s Nomads Too Suffer The Heat Of Unrest, Leave Valley Empty Handed

Written by Shafat

Video by: Mir Yaseen | Text by: Shafat Mir.

The nomadic community of Kashmir, Bakerwals, enter the valley during summer seasons every year. Mostly coming from the humid region of Jammu, these people graze their livestock in the highlands of the Kashmir region which has a cooler climatic conditions all through the summer season. Kashmir valley is also a good market for selling their live animals as the consumption of meat is relatively higher here than the Jammu region. Being the Muslim majority region, Bakerwals are able to do brisk business on Eid Ul Azha, which is one of the most important Muslim festivals. Tens of thousands of animals are sacrificed on the occasion. But this time, due to three month long unrest in the Valley, the business of these livestock traders too took a hit.

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