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Not just Sticks and Braille Books; Technology can Make us See

Written by Sajad Rasool

Video By: Mir Yaseen | Text By: Sajad Rasool

Wajid is a Student at a private blind school of Baramula, he is one of the dozens of students at this school which lacks basic infrastructure and support from Government. “We do not need sticks, we read by mind, we shall be given modern scientific tools like laptops to study, Braille kits are obsolete now,” says Wajid.

As per census 2011 Jammu and Kashmir has around 361000 population of persons with disabilities. Blindness also is at a high, as per census around 68000 persons with blindness are there in the J&K.

In India, National Science Day is celebrated every year on February 28 to commemorate the invention of the Raman Effect by the Indian physicist Sir Chandrasekhar Venkata Raman on the same day in the year 1928. The theme for the National Science Day 2017 is “Science and Technological Solutions for Specially-Abled Persons”.

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Sajad Rasool

Sajad Rasool manages Kashmir Unheard. He works as a Producer and Editor

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