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Government Apathy leads to Spread of Hepatitis-B Virus in Budgam Village

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Rafiqa Bano | Article By: Nusrat Ali

Around 80 people are infected by the Hepatitis B in Aripanthan village of Budgam, located at a distance of around 25 Km from District headquarters. The people in this village have been unaware about this deadly virus for a long time, the virus is spreading rapidly while as Govt has failed to take any concrete step to curb it. A local NGO called as Asmitah Welfare Society has come up with vaccinations at a very cheap price. The question remains that why did Govt health department fail to detect the virus.

As per Dr. Mohammad Afzal, a local doctor,”Through consultation we came to know about 80 people of same area of Aripanthan village are suffering from Hepatitis B, while in other areas a few have this disease. The reason is in one area almost everyone have done the test of Hepatitis B and in other three areas most of the people have not done the test. We can not say whether they are positive or negative.”

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