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Kashmir Unrest: Scars of Pellets – Khursheed, a Laborer Narrates His Story

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Aneesa Hamid | Article By: Nusrat Ali

Khursheed Ahmad Parray (36) a laborer from Hajin Bandipora  is a father of 4 children. Khursheed was shot with pellets in November 2016 while he was part of a protest after an encounter was happening in locality. According to Khursheed he was targeted by police and injured in one of his eye. He has lost eye sight in one eye, and doctors have said that the eyesight cannot be regained now. The wife of Khursheed is taking care of her home now. This is a unique example of a civilian being targeted.

The pellets, sources said, come in grades ranging from 5 to 12, depending on damage, range and speed; 5 being the most damaging. Sources said number 9 is preferred to control crowds but police often use the stronger number 6 or number 7 in villages.

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