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Seth Rafi, A Renowned Artist – Living a Paralyzed Life

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Nadiya Shafi | Article By : Nusrat Ali

Seth Rafi is a household name in Kashmir’s cinema. He is an actor who has worked in dozens of Kashmiri comedy serials and written scripts, he is also a director and writer. His acting would make thousands of Kashmiris nostalgic. He would act and people would laugh their hearts out after watching him. Shockingly, the same artist who made people laugh with his words, cannot speak today. Not even a word except for Allah or La Illa Ha Illalla.
He got paralyzed due to a stroke in Feb 2015 and has been left over by the authorities and lives a terrible life full of struggles.

He is winner of several state and national awards but now he has been restricted to indoors. Having written a book “Aakh teh Ayeen” – a collection of his dramas in 1998, Rafi was also closely associated with the folk artists of Wathoora and has been popular for being a songwriter as well.

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