IMPACT: Authorities Cleaned River Sangaloo and Removed Encroachment of River Beds

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Basharat Amin   |  Article By: Nusrat Ali

Sangaloo stream flowing through the main town Shopian is the main source of water to most of the agricultural land of Shopian. It was once a source of fresh drinking water to the entire area but now it is polluted. This polluted stream has caused jaundice, cholera and typhoid. It has also been shrunk to a fraction of its original size.

Almost 40000 people on the banks of Sangloo river directly suffered because of dirt and waste of the households. Our CC went to the place and shot a video over the area and brought the story in the eyes of authority and finally made them change the sorry state of affairs and clean it.

Sangloo river is being cleaned at different places in the Shopian and other Districts the river crosses through, this river is being cleaned under different cleanliness drives.

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