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Nida Ramzan, an IT Professional Doing Wonders in Bakery

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video by: Aforza Mahed | Article by: Nusrat Ali

Nida Ramzan, from Ashtingoo village of Bandipora Kashmir, has opened an ‘all women bakery shop’. This is first such initiative where a lady has opened a bakery unit and several other women work there as well. Nida, has done MSc in IT. After completing her degree, she got in touch with Pune based Aseem Foundation in 2016, and took liking to the concept of locally manufacturing Apple Walnut Cookies. She quit her job to open an all-woman bakery in her village.

Branded as Koshur Krunch, the Apple Walnut Cookies by Nida are sought by one and all. Kashur Krunch is a Kashmir brand famous in parts of India, though these cookies aren’t sold at local level.

From technology field into bakery was never an easy task especially for a girl like Nida. Her parents became hesitant, they too took it as awkward. But Nida always wanted to lead from the front.
She wanted to be a role model for other girls and only after less than two years Nida is not only earning for herself but providing job to other girls also. She is proving that women can do better in such fields which are dominated by men. She challenges stereotypes.

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