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Gujjar Basti Tral – A Forgotten Village

Written by Sajad Rasool

Video By: Jahanara Khaliq, Rayees Ahmed, and Basharat Amin

A small hamlet (Gujjar Basti Chattergam) located at a distance of 3 KMs from Tral town of Pulwama lacks most of the basic amenities. A population of around more than 100 people lacks facilities like safe drinking water, road, School, and Electricity. Students have to travel 4 Kms every day to reach a nearby school located at Chatergam Tral. People use self-purchased solar lanterns and this village has never been electrified. People especially women of this village have to fetch water traveling 3 Kms every day.

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Sajad Rasool

Sajad Rasool manages Kashmir Unheard. He works as a Producer and Editor

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