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One Year On – This Kashmiri Man Still Remains ‘Disappeared’

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video By: Pir Azhar | Article By: Nusrat Ali

One year  back when world was observing International Day of Disappeared , the next trenbolone acetate for sale day in Kashmir two young men, Manzoor Ahmad Khan and Nasrullah Ahmad Khan, both from Kakad Pati in Devar, Kupwara allegedly disappeared into an Army camp in the hills as per their families.

Manzoor, a farmer and herder in his late 20s, his uncle, Jalal-ud-Din, and her aunt, were going towards Trimukha top. On the way, they met 35-year-old Nasrullah Khan who was riding a horse in woods. When the trio reached the entrance of the meadow, the sentry on duty for an army camp there, according to Jalal-ud-Din, asked them to wait, after checking their passes. “Around 20 minutes later, Manzoor was told that one major sahab wanted him to come inside. They took him and asked us to wait for another 15 minutes. But when he didn’t return for an hour, I asked the sentry why they weren’t releasing our boy. To my utter shock I was told that they haven’t taken him and don’t know where he has gone,” Jalal-ud-Din said.

“In the meantime, Nasrullah’s two brothers who had come all the way from Kakad, rushed towards the camp saying Nasrullah has also been detained in the camp” added Jalal-ud-Din.

Nasrullah was found later that evening, severely injured while Manzoor has not been heard of since then.

Army has denied its involvement in the disappearance of Manzoor. They have stated its non-involvement before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that is investigating the case. However, the army in February has not submitted before the SIT the register where it keeps a record of the people entering and exiting the camp.

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