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The Golden Hands of this Kashmiri Couple are Preserving and Decorating Copper Cookware

Syed Mudasir, a 21-year-old man and his wife Ruqaya from Kalsari Pattan, Baramulla are reviving the coppersmith work with a modern touch of art. The couple earns their livelihood by decorating and making copperware and is their only source of income.

the women who are mostly at home shall learn this work, which will not give them a regular income but also this way they will preserve the ages-old coppersmith work in Kashmir

Mudasir also passed this knowledge of decorating copperware to his wife, and both of them have a strong resolve to protect the traditional copperwork. The couple requests the government to proactively facilitate engaging the young generation in protecting the arts so that they not only keep this tradition alive but also generate income for themselves. Mudasir is studying in 12th standard as well.

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