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Budgam Brick Kilns and Factories Pose Threat to Human Life and Agriculture

According to J&K Brick Kiln Act 2010, no Kiln can be constructed on agricultural land or near a place that can affect the flora and fauna of a place, its habitation, and or can affect the health of the general public. but in some villages of Budgam district which mainly include Sanzipora and Khanda are facing huge problems due to factories and kilns in the area. the commercial owners have settled up their holdings in the residential areas and on the only road which connects these villages to the tehsil headquarter.

We are suffering from so many diseases and regular noise, we demand that these factories shall be relocated to some other part

The waste material of these kilns and factories directly goes into streams and agricultural land thereby polluting the land and water bodies. According to local people, they are suffering from multiple diseases, like chest infections and allergies. The crops like paddy, vegetables, and fruits are badly affected by the poisonous gases and chemicals released by the factories and kilns.

According to research, The soil quality is degrading with an increase in heavy metal content and a decrease in nutrients like sulfate and nitrate. As we move away from a brick kiln, the soil quality is increasing steadily but slowly. Most of the farming land is turning either barren or is becoming unhealthy.

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