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South Kashmir Youngsters Find Peace and Freedom in Martial Arts

Amid ongoing political chaos, violence, human rights abuses, and uncertainty in Kashmir, Aaqib Majeed from south Kashmir’s Anantnag/Islamabad area is reinforcing discipline in hundreds of youngsters through Martial Arts.

We started this initiative and now have international players from our institute, we brought freestyle Marshal arts. It increased interest in youngsters.

Kashmir has been seeing a rise in drug addiction among the younger generation. According to a report published by the United Nation, Drug Control Programme (UNDCP) around 70 thousand people are drug addicts alone in the Kashmir division among them approximately 31% are women. The youth is particularly involved in drug addiction as reported by Government Psychiatric Hospital Srinagar around 90% of drug abusers belong to the age group of 17-35.

Dozens of young boys and girls, previously drug addicts have joined our institute, and this way we are bringing them back to the normal social fabric of Kashmir

The ongoing #Kashmir crisis from the last 30 years has given rise to cases of trauma, stress, PTSD, and drug addiction. With the increase and dependency on technology tools, children don’t find much interest in outdoor physical sports and activities which inculcate unhealthy behaviours as well as have a negative impact on their mental and physical health.

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