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Use of Technology in Apple Farming Brings Economic Prosperity to Farmers

Dr. Nisar Ahmad a retired doctor from Drabgam Pulwama has been associated with fruit growing for the last 40 years. Due to early crop, fall, and competition in apple production at the same time throughout Kashmir made his farming no different. He decided to experiment with a new variety of apples in his orchard. He brought the new Italian variety of apples after visiting Himachal Pradesh which took less time to be ready as compared to conventional crop. The color, early harvesting, and size attracted him to introduce it in Kashmir. Moreover, he is of the opinion that today’s farming should be supported with new technology so he also introduced a grading machine which he installed on his lawn enabling him to grade the apple crop and its variety properly. On 1st September 2020, Director of horticulture Mr.Aijaz Ahmad inaugurated his machine and call it the need of the hour. Dr. Nisar said today’s market priority is the weight of the box and when we grade it properly and the chances o cheating is less.

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