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The Uncertain Future of Seasonal Mobile Teachers

Ghulam Ahmad Awan resident of Kalakot Rajouri has been working with the government education department since 2004 as a seasonal mobile teacher. Mobile teachers teach kids of the shepherd communities, Bakerwals, and Gujjars for six months. Government sets up temporary schools for the children. More than 33,000 kids are enrolled in 1500 seasonal schools across J&K where more than 2000 teachers impart education as per govt data. Awan is among the hundreds of such teachers who has spent six years in Rajouri and other six years in Kashmir teaching the tribal children. He lives in a tent with his family consisting of two daughters a son and his wife.

We are facing a lot of problems, the government is not paying heed towards our demands, there is no job policy for seasonal teachers, for six months govt uses our potential and then neglects us for rest six months of the year – Awan

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