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On Her Wheelchair, Sandhya Dhar is Helping Underprivileged

Sandhya Dhar, a Kashmiri migrant from Gangyal Jammu is running a school Jammu institute of general education and rehabilitation foundation for underprivileged children. Sandhya is in a wheelchair as she is suffering from cerebral palsy and both limbs are disabled. Despite her disability, she is passionate to take initiative for other persons with disabilities and minimize the challenges they face. She worked as an account assistant In the finance department. She is not only giving education to the underprivileged but also assisting those with disabilities to go through the formalities and get disability benefits. All her achievements despite being a disabled person Make one wonder about her journey and everything that makes her Who she is. A source of inspiration and stimulation to those who have met with a mental block and can not find a way forth. She is demanding that a separate directorate should be established for disabled persons. According to her, there is a lot to do for disabled persons as compared to other states.

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