South Kashmir Artists Revive Art of Making Kashmiri Walnut-wood Furniture

In Muniwara village of Anantnag district, many artisans have taken up the craft of making designer walnut wood furniture, which traditionally was restricted to Srinagar only until last decade. Furniture and other items carved out of walnut wood is only made in the Kashmir valley and sold worldwide. The craft of walnut wood carving was brought to the valley by famous Sufi Saint, Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom during the reign of Sultan Zainul Abideen in the 15th century from Central Asia. Currently around 100 local artisans are earning their livelihood in five manufacturing units established since last decade. Most of the workers here were earlier working as salesmen in local shops and were earning meagre salaries but switching to this craft has brought fortunes to them and they woe to expand this industry in their village which is receiving a good response from the clientele bases especially out of the country.

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