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IMPACT | Grassroots Initiative Transforms Bangus Meadow into a Clean Sustainable Tourist Destination

The Divisional Forest Officer of Kehmil Division was initially informed about the issue and requested to install dustbins. However, it was clarified that this responsibility falls under the Tourism Department.

A meeting with the Director of Tourism Kashmir, Raja Yaqoob, emphasized the need for dustbins. However, it was explained that action could not be taken until the forest land in Bangus was transferred to the Tourism Department. Due to the lack of government support, concerned individuals, including stall owners and journalists Irfan Lone and Gowher Wani, took matters into their own hands and launched a campaign to address the issue.

Ten individuals generously donated dustbins, which were then transported from Kupwara to Bangus. The donated dustbins were strategically installed in various locations within the meadow, particularly near temporary stalls. Stall owners were given the responsibility of maintaining these dustbins and ensuring their proper use. Additionally, a dedicated individual was hired by the stall owners to collect wrappers and plastic bottles on a daily basis in the vicinity of Bada Bangus.

These initiatives have had several positive outcomes. The daily cleaning efforts in Bada Bangus have significantly improved the overall cleanliness of the meadow. The installation of dustbins and their responsible use have also contributed to a reduction in littering. Furthermore, the collaborative approach involving local citizens, stall owners, and journalists has raised awareness about the importance of preserving the environment and respecting the local community.

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