Termination of 333 J&K Bank ATM Guards in Srinagar Leaves Families Struggling to Make Ends Meet

The termination of 333 J&K Bank ATM guards in Srinagar has had a devastating impact on both the employees and their families. Despite their dedicated service, these guards, many of whom have worked for decades, now face a bleak future due to the installation of e-surveillance. Plunged into a severe financial crisis, households that relied solely on these incomes are grappling with mounting debts, an inability to afford basic necessities, and compromised access to education and healthcare.

One such affected guard, Habibullah, had faithfully served as an ATM guard for a decade, providing for his small family. However, with the loss of his job, Habibullah now finds himself living in a rented room, struggling to make ends meet. His story is a poignant reflection of the hardships faced by numerous ATM guards who now find themselves in similar situations. Despite several protests and appeals to the concerned officials, it appears that their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The guards and their families are now appealing for a resolution that addresses their financial crisis and alleviates the burden they currently face. Urgent action is needed to support these individuals and their families during this difficult time.

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