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The Resilient Horsecart Owners of Baramulla Keeping the Tradition of Tongas Alive

Once an integral part of daily life in Kashmir, the tongas, or horse-drawn carts, symbolized a bygone era when they gracefully trotted through the scenic valleys, carrying people and goods. As modernization brought forth motor vehicles, the nostalgic charm of the tongas gradually waned, giving way to the convenience and speed of cars and other modes of transportation. Amidst this cultural shift, the horsecart owners in Baramulla have embraced the past and are tirelessly working to keep this significant aspect of Kashmir’s heritage alive. Their dedication stems from a fear that once they are gone, the tradition of tongas will exist only in history books. Despite the insufficient income from this line of work, these resilient individuals have persevered for decades, committed to preserving the rich cultural legacy of Kashmir.

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