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Bandipora’s Natural Springs: From Sacred Spaces to Polluted Sites

Nesbal village, nestled in Sonawari’s Bandipora district, was once renowned for its pristine natural springs, revered as sacred sources of pure drinking water. However, the passage of time has witnessed a shift in the community’s relationship with these vital resources. Decades ago, the springs were cherished and respected, serving as essential lifelines for the villagers. Today, many of these springs lie forgotten, either dried up or desecrated by the dumping of garbage.

The transformation reflects not only changes in lifestyle but also a neglect of environmental stewardship. Amidst this decline, voices of concern emerge from the community. Environmentally conscious individuals lament the dual responsibility borne by both authorities and residents for the dilapidated state of the springs. They call upon the government to take proactive measures in preserving the surroundings and appeal to local youth to actively engage in the conservation efforts. As Nesbal’s natural springs teeter on the brink of deterioration, the plea for action echoes louder than ever. It’s a call to safeguard not just a vital resource, but a cherished heritage for generations to come.

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Sajad Rasool

Sajad Rasool manages Kashmir Unheard. He works as a Producer and Editor

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