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Shepherds in Budgam District Await Grazing Rights Despite Court Order

The communities of Nego Branwar and Jabad in Budgam District face challenges under Forestry Law, with shepherd families being denied grazing rights for their livestock in forested areas. This denial affects over ten thousand sheep and thousands of cows and buffaloes, depriving them of essential pasture. Recently, the District Administration of Budgam was instructed by the court to conduct a gram sabha within a month and grant grazing rights to these communities under the Forest Rights Act.

However, despite the court order, the administration has not issued any notification for the gram sabha, leaving the shepherd families in limbo and unable to access their rightful grazing areas. The affected communities urge the District Administration to promptly comply with the court’s directive and facilitate the gram sabha to address this critical issue of grazing rights, ensuring the well-being of livestock and livelihoods dependent on pastoral activities.

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