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Parveena Akhter, a Female Pellet Victim Narrates her Story

Written by Nusrat Ali

Video BY: Tabassum Khanam | Article BY: Nusrat Ali

In Awoora village of Kupwara Parveena Akhtar, 18 years old was hit by a pellet on 10 August 2016 during mass uprising. She received pellets in both of her eyes. In her left there is a pellet fire still into it, Doctors are advising not to do surgery as it may become reason of her loosing eyesight. She was among 8 family members who were shot with pellets. Parveena used to do tailoring, she has five sisters and 1 younger brother and parents.

In Kashmir from 8th July 2016 to April 2017, 7760 people has been injured due to pellets. Out of which 67 youth lost total eye sight, 193 lost one eye sight, 910 are at the verge of losing eye sight while 1760 youth’s vision are damaged partially.

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